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TRISTATE CONTENTS CLEANING has fine-tuned the process of proficiently and securely transporting affected contents from your home or office to our state of the art cleaning facility. One of the most important stages in the process occurs right at the beginning: the Pack Out phase.

It is beneficial to pack out all salvageable contents  as soon as possible for two reasons. First, items that are cleaned early on have a higher percentage of being fully restored. Second, you need to diminish any exposure to secondary damage while the home or office is being restored.

Tristate’s ‘Clean Team’ of certified technicians will arrive on the scene and begin with evaluating all of the affected contents. We categorize the items by composition and then identify which items are restorable and which items are deemed a total loss. Our ‘Clean Team’ will photo/video document and inventory all contents salvageable & non-salvageable. Our state of the art software will identify each item, place it in the correct room it was removed from, and prints labels to specify boxes used to transport and facilitate them.  At every stage of the cleaning process we will know exactly where your items are in our secured and climate controlled storage facility.Place your confidence and trust in Tristate Contents Cleaning to handle all the details from beginning to end.

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soap clipartUltrasonic Cleaning and Deodorization

Have you ever had a pair of earrings or an engagement ring cleaned by your local jeweler?  If so, you have seen the dramatic cleaning power of ultrasonic technology firsthand.  For almost sixty years, industrial ultrasonic cleaners have been effectively used in the automotive, jewelry, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering and weapons industries. At Tristate Contents Cleaning, we have instituted this time-tested cleaning process and applied it to our contents restoration cleaning model.

This cleaning process penetrates even the most minuscule crevices which otherwise could NOT be effectively cleaned by hand. This allows us to eliminate any traces of contamination embedded onto contents laden with soot, mold, or microbial growth. We use Benefect botanical disinfectants that are green solutions and EPA certified. It  is environmentally safe while also  powerful enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.



clipboardTotal Loss Inventory

Tristate Contents Cleaning uses the latest technology to accurately and efficiently inventory a total loss claim. Our process is supported by our strategic TLI protocols and ‘Clean Team’ technicians that are trained and certified with the knowledge to evaluate and document all total loss items. This allows us to systematically categorize all contents by individual room, category, and material specification.

 Additionally, our software allows us to produce all required documentation and inventory reports facilitating the paper trail needs of our customers and insurance adjusters. These reports include a digital inventory file, full pricing analysis, age of the contents, ACV, RCV, and depreciation. These reports can be exported into several standard formats for ease of use. This gives an unbiased professional report to assist all parties with determining the final TLI value. 


computerElectronics Cleaning

The overwhelming majority of American households have 3 or more televisions, two or more computers, a tablet and a few smart phones. Not to mention all of the small appliances  and stereos in that very home.  Think about all of the lost money and time that can be saved when a certified contents restoration company can safely and effectively restore all of the electronics and appliances. Well, look no further because we can!

Tristate Contents Cleaning will safely and effectively clean and deodorize televisions, laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, cell phones, tablets, security surveillance components, fitness equipment with LCD monitors, and more.



Milnor Washer Dryer

washGarment, Drapery and Upholstery Cleaning

When a disaster such as a fire, flood or even a septic back-up occurs, it spares very little in terms of the havoc it wreaks.  The primary and secondary damage oftentimes penetrates the drapery, window treatments, and the upholstered furniture not to mention the homeowner’s wardrobes.  When you tabulate the expense related to the clothes in all the closets, that figure alone is staggering if you were forced to have to replace it all.

The great news is that Tristate Contents Cleaning will restore rather than replace most of your soft goods that were affected due to smoke, soot, water, or mold damage.  Thus, your favorite clothes, bedding, rugs, leathers, suede’s, draperies, linens, shoes, hats, belts, purses can all be returned to you just shortly after a tragedy.

But even more important than saving textiles, we salvage memories, we restore happiness, and we help those affected by the loss to resume everyday life, getting back to what truly matters.​​​​​​​




Fine Artwork Restoration



Consider TRISTATE for the following art restoration services:

  • Fine art restoration as well as thorough cleaning
  • Reframing of your art
  • Packing, transporting and Storage of your artwork,
  • 24-hour emergency response


Dresser Combo

chairFurniture Restoration

Naturally, one of the primary contents categories within an office or home environment is comprised of the furnishings.  Think about this: even a smaller home has a handful of beds, dressers, night stands, desks, coffee tables, wall units, curio cabinets, dining tables and chairs. If we are notified shortly after the damage occurs, our ability to fully restore your furnishings dramatically increases. Tristate Contents Cleaning can restore your treasured pieces and family heirlooms while preserving family memories.




lockSecured Contents Storage

Rest assured that your home or office building’s contents will be in reliable hands.  Our facility in North Jersey offers over 20,000 square feet of space where we collectively process, sanitize, deodorize and maintain your property’s contents onsite in storage vaults.  Our facility is temperature and humidity controlled while being monitored 24 hours a day with video surveillance.  We have taken every precaution to maintain that your items will be well cared for while we have them in our possession.  At Tristate Contents Cleaning, we value what you value and we spare no expense in holding ourselves to a higher standard.





gym 3

tristatecontent sportsAthletic Equipment

Ringworm, MRSA, unsanitary equipment and uniforms, a reputation no athletic facility or school district can afford. Did you know 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers players contracted MRSA during the 2013 season? Three other NFL teams also reported MRSA in the last several years. MRSA has also shown up at other sports facilities from professional lacrosse venues to high school stadiums and locker rooms.(Source: Scott Warrington, i Cleaning Specialist magazine Sept. 2014)

Tristate Contents Cleaning arrives on-site to sanitize and deodorize locker rooms, work out rooms, wrestling mats and padding. We schedule your cleaning at your convenience, including after hours or weekends. When sanitizing and deodorizing, we use highly effective “green” solutions (killing 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds). As a result, we are removing the potential of harsh chemicals that would have otherwise come in contact with your athlete’s skin.






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